Need civil rights attorney – slandered by corrupt police – lost job

Q -Look what corrupt Chicago cops are doing now, They’ve been screwing with my lawyers for 2 years to try to get out of millions of dollars of damages.

I have a case against the city of Chicago and Chicago police, Chicago police destroyed my name, they made up I was homosexual at work and lots of other nasty rumors, I got harassed at work for over a year and half at AT&T (worked their for 9 years). I used to get along with everybody at work for over 5 years before police slandered my name so badly, I want to sue the city of Chicago and the Police for slander , defamation of character, race discrimination, police harassment, divulged false health information, emotional distress, street harassment caused by their continuing slander, work sexual harassment caused by them, trying to frame me and others with improper police procedures, police misconduct and wrongful termination caused by them etc.

I have many witnesses and documents to prove everything. I have a log of all the harassment that took place at the garages. I got wrongfully terminated on 7-23-2010. A complaint with the EEOC was made, have to wait for the results. The police have surveillance video of all the harassment that took place. Police intentionally slandered my name at work, city, state to try to frame me to make evidence for their fake illegal case and I have other evidence that proves 100% that they have a setup.

Chicago police violated many of my civil rights. I cant find a lawyer in the city because police slandered my name so badly and because their interfering with my lawyers for they wont get sued. Ive been looking for a lawyer to sue the city and police for close to 2 years. I also cant find a job because the corrupt cops destroyed my name with their slander job, can you recommend a civil rights lawyer, have millions of dollars of damages.

Corrupt cops control all the news they wont report the crimes of the criminals.


A – Unfortunately the statute of limitations (SOL) on defamation is one year after the incident. Also the State of Illinois has a tort immunity law for public employees that makes the statutes of limitations one year for all suits against public employees. You probably are out of luck in terms of a suit for monetary damages.

However, you might be able to make a suit for an injunction to force them to stop defaming you, if they are continuing to do so. It would be very costly however and you will have a hard time finding an attorney unless you can pay big time. If you win, they may have to pay your legal fees and court costs, but you cannot obtain damages (a monetary award beyond costs).

You’ve already filed an EEOC complaint, which may end up being your best bet.

You can call the bar association and ask for help finding an attorney, but that’s a bit of Russian Roulette as they just give you the next name on their list.

Only an attorney, after being told the details of the case can give you an idea if there is any way around the SOL issue or if you have a case that a lawyer is willing to pursue. You have to be very specific and very concise when talking to an attorney and presenting your case to them.  Can you write a paragraph describing very briefly the exact words used to slander you,  the circumstance when the words were used and by whom, the proof that the words were slander, the proof that the slander caused you to be falsely arrested or lose your job, and proof that any criminal charge was dismissed or you won the case?  Then you will be able to discuss this more easily with an attorney.

I believe that if Blake Horowitz or the law firm of Loevy & Loevy don’t take your case, no one will. Then your only choice is to leave the state to find a job, if you can get AT&T to give you a good recommendation or at least a neutral and not bad recommendation.

You can find their office addresses through directory assistance.

Good luck!

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Joe on 2011/02/17  – This is “Joe” I know I have a very strong case Ive searched in the net for months for police civil rights cases my case is stronger then over 90% of the ones I read, Ive been studying cases and law on the net and have put together a 12 count case, i have lots of evidence including surveillance video of the harassment at work, I have called EEOC and HRC and they still haven’t even started to investigate anything its been over 6 months, I have audio tapes, many documents and many witnesses to easily prove my case. Their is a huge conspiracy in Chicago I found out the cops control everybody. The corrupt Cops are lying to everybody they are trying to frame me and others for their MOB friends. I have all the proof I need to prove this. Its a very long story

I am filing Pro se and see if the judge appoints an attorney because police did cause the wrongful termination at work and destroyed my name.


A – You may have the strongest case in the world and we hope you are successful in your federal civil rights suit. These federal civil rights law section “1983” cases are important to pursue. You have an uphill battle. First you must survive the SOL issue. Federal 1983 cases have a two year SOL for things like false arrest, excessive force, false arrest and other violations of your rights under the Constitution and Bill of Rights. State law claims written in the federal suit have the 1 yr SOL. Then you must survive the pleading requirements. Then you must overcome the defendant’s motion to dismiss. The vast majority of cases are dismissed in this manner before they ever get to the discovery phase.

Therefore, it is important to file pro se (self-represented) if you can’t find an attorney by the date required by the SOL. You can ask the court to assign an attorney if you are indigent only. They may do this, but are not required to do this.

Unfortunately, lawyers that are appointed by the federal court are appointed in a rotating basis and most are not civil rights attorneys. They may be specialized in tax law, criminal defense, securities law, etc. Those lawyers do not have the knowledge or skill to help you and often rewrite the suits to the point that your claims are not properly litigated and the plaintiff then loses. If you are lucky and a lawyer from a large law firm is appointed, they may hire a civil rights attorney as a consultant or to take the case.

In 1983 cases you cannot sue supervisors unless you can clearly prove they were involved personally and had personal knowledge of the issues, or if you have a “Monell” claim based on a knowing pattern of violation of civil rights law by a non-state government agency. It is very hard to prove these things.

All the state tort issues not involving Bill of Rights violations are considered “state law claims” which can be litigated in a federal civil rights suit only if plaintiff has filed a valid federal civil rights claim [count]. These are things like defamation, emotional distress, harassment, etc. Otherwise, the federal court has no jurisdiction for the state law claims and the suit must be pursued in state court. All state law claims [counts] are limited by the 1 yr SOL for defamation and 1 yr SOL for government employees. This is 1 yr from the incident or when you discover the cause of action.

The distinction between federal civil rights counts and state law claims [counts] is very important regarding SOL and regarding whether you can file in federal court or have to file in state court.

In Illinois, which is a “fact pleading state”, all the factual basis for the suit must be stated in the complaint. Federal complaints have no “fact pleading” requirement. However, the federal courts require a plain and clear statement that is not merely conclusory. This is often used by federal judges to dismiss claims sue sponte (on their own without any other motions or hearing) because the judges state the plaintiff has “failed to state a cause of action”. Federal civil rights claims MUST fall under the jurisdiction of the court in that they must claim a violation of a constitutional right. Emotional distress, defamation, malicious prosecution are NOT violations of constitutional rights. False arrest and excessive force are violations of constitutional rights.

The federal courts in northern IL are notorious at dismissing legitimate pro se indigent civil rights suits, despite valid claims, for “failure to state a cause of action”, even though the U.S. Supreme Court has dictated that  pro se complaints must be “liberally construed”.

We encourage you to read as many cases dismissed for “failure to state a cause of action” as possible, as well as cases dismissed for violation of SOL. This will help you judge if, despite a valid claim, whether or not your claims may be accepted and not dismissed outright by the court, as well as whether you should file in state or federal  court.

Even if you have the strongest case in the world, it will be thrown out if you file it after the SOL date has passed, or if you do not word it correctly according to the pleading requirements of the court.

This discussion is meant to alert you to hurdles you have to overcome so that you can look into these things and hopefully this will help you.


No response to complaint sent to Chief Judge Evans

Q – I addressed a letter to Judge Evans regarding a civil court appearance that I had documentation that a fair trial was not received. NO RESPONSE.

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You need to make a complaint to the Judicial Inquiry Board. That officially is where you complain about illegal acts of a judge or misconduct of a judge. They won’t change the case and generally are just a big black hole that covers-up judicial corruption, but they are where you are supposed to complain about judicial corruption, incompetence, or unethical behavior.

If there was not a fair trial then you have a right to appeal. That is the only way the trial results can be changed based upon law and the constitutional right to a fair trial.

If it was a criminal case and the person was found guilty, if a constitutional issued was involved, then the person can also make a collateral attack with a petition for writ of habeas corpus.

Linda – what is going on with Jaime Hernandez??

ANONYMOUS WROTE: Is he appealing his conviction like you??

ANONYMOUS WROTE: On February 22, 2007, Plaintiff was observing courtroom procedures in Courtroom 1506 of the Daley Center. (Compl. ¶ 7.) Plaintiff apparently often spent time serving as an “unofficial court-watcher,” which includes observing courtroom proceedings, sending private reports to the Chief Judge of Cook County, and writing affidavits about his observations for indigent litigants. (Id. ¶ 6.) After exiting the Courtroom, several Sheriff’s deputies approached Plaintiff and instructed him to leave. (Id. ¶ 8.) Plaintiff explained to the deputies that he was not doing anything illegal, but was serving as a court-watcher and asked why they demanded his departure. (Id.) The deputies arrested Plaintiff for violation of 720 ILCS 5/21-5, criminal trespass to state supported land.[3] (Id. ¶ 10.) Additional charges were brought against the Plaintiff, including resisting arrest, continuing to interfere with an officer’s performance of his special duties, and battery. (Id. ¶ 11.) Plaintiff alleges that the additional charges “were manufactured out of whole cloth as `added insurance’ that one or more of them would stick in criminal court.” (Id.) Plaintiff was tried before a jury and was convicted, although it is unclear from the Complaint of what charge(s) he was convicted. (Id.) Plaintiff received a 30 day jail sentence. (Id.)

 ANSWER:  I don’t know. He should appeal. You should ask him at his web site:

Is Dr. Shelton mentally ill?

I am absolutely not mentally ill.  I am absolutely not unreliable.  I am absolutely not unfit in a legal term. I am absolutely not dangerous or even a distraction except to the criminals  who I am trying to expose.  I am a distraction to corrupt officials and corrupt officers and corrupt judges and I am dangerous to them, but not physically, as I have gathered a lot of evidence against them including evidence from a network of whistle blowers, which can be used in legal  proceedings when the U.S. Attorney indicts them.

If you don’t believe me, then read the following psychiatric exam reports:

Dr. Richard Rappaport – a renowned and senior forensic psychiatrist, has testified in many court cases, who has written editorials in forensic psychiatry journals. He examined the Mendoza brothers, John Wayne Gacy and other famous criminals and has been quoted in the press and interviewed frequently in the media. Read his report.

Dr. Maisha Hamilton [Bennett] – a renowned and respected forensic psychologist and previously a senior mediator for the postal service, who has testified in many court cases. She was deputy director of the Chicago Board of Health under the Washington administration and director of all the Chicago mental health clinics. She was the first black person in Illinois to obtain a Ph.D in psychology and she earned it at the U. of Chicago. She was wrongfully convicted of Medicaid fraud by the corrupt IL AG Lisa Madigan and is presently fighting to overturn this conviction.

Psychiatric staff at the University of Illinois. I was illegally confined there for two weeks on their secure psychiatry ward at the orders of Dishonorable Judge Kathleen Pantle for an exam to determine if I suffer from an organic brain disorder. I do not was there conclusion. They confirmed that I suffer from multiple medical disorders including a several heart conditions, a severe asthma problem, and a severe neurological problem due to crushing of the spinal cord secondary to a congenital defect of the spine. Their conclusion is that I only suffer from the psychiatric disorder of  post-traumatic-stress after having been abused by officers and ER staff to the point I went unconscious and due to rekindling of symptoms by beatins of police.

Dr. Robert Galatzer-levy – a senior member of the psychoanalytic institute of Chicago, a  professor of psychiatry at Northwestern University, and my treating psychiatrist concerning PTSD. He wrote a letter that I am not violent, that I suffer from non-dangerous flashbacks which are induced by mainly threatening male officers acting aggressively against me. He says that during these BRIEF episodes I am out of touch with my environment. 

I suffer from the illness called post-traumatic-stress disorder (PTSD). This is where a person has nighttime nightmares and daytime intrusive thoughts that may become flashbacks (daytime dreams of the event that caused the PTSD as if it was still happening in the present).

During flashbacks I cower, cry quietly, look terrified as if I was being beaten up, hold my arms up protecting my head, say “don’t hurt me”, and when they are really bad try to hide under a table or in a corner.  I have difficulty during these episodes distinguishing what is going on around me from what is going on in my dream. If a loud and aggressive  person in uniform, particularly a male or a person wearing a white Sergeant’s shirt approaches me aggressively I may flail my arms and legs in front of me trying to protect myself from perceived blows (from the daytime dream or flashback of officers beating me) even if the person is not hitting me.

This PTSD was initially caused by security officers at Advocate Christ Hospital and during the malpractice of Dr. Daniel Girzadas Jr., an ER physician. I had gone to Christ Hospital after waking up with new neurological deficits – numb hands, pain, etc. I had been bashed against a door causing trauma to my surgical site on my neck by court services officers at juvenile court where I had gone to testify on behalf of a guardian who was wrongfully accused of abuse. I didn’t leave the courtroom fast enough so the deputies grabbed my arms and forced me rapidly threw the courtroom doors. The door was knocked slightly askew off its hinges due to their brutality. I had surgery on my neck prior to this incident in order to break the bones and correct a congenital defect that was crushing the spinal cord and producing some neurological problems.

I called my neurologist, Dr. Itkin, who told me to go to the ER to make sure I did not have a broken neck. Dr. Girzadas Jr. made the erroneous conclusion that no doctor would be hurt by an officer. He thought officers never do wrong. He though I must therefore be delusional and needed mental health care. Dr. Girzadas Jr. was and likely still is incompetent in terms of mental health care. He wrongfully believed that a doctor can ASSUME a statement is false and delusional and as a result can FORCE a person to be admitted to a psychiatry unit and injected with psychotropic drugs against their will.

Dr. Girzadas Jr. ordered that I be injected with a potent anti-psychotic Haldol and sedative Ativan.  Unfortunately, I have a respiratory problem which makes Haldol dangerous to give me as it can cause me to stop breathing. Also Girzadas committed malpractice in that he gave me an overdose of sedative. He had given me a large dose of a related sedative Valium a short time before to sedate me for an CT exam of my neck to rule out a broken neck. Fortunately the neck was not broken and there was just internal bruising and inflammation that was pinching nerves.

He called the “code grey team” which is a team of security officer who are supposed to put a person in 4-pt restraints and they did that so they could inject me with drugs over my protests.

The overdose and Haldol injected into me without my consent after I told Girzadas in a very fearful and anxious statement “you just killed me” because I really thought I would die, caused me to stop breathing. Girzadas pulled out the ambu bag to breath for me. He called respiratory therapy for assistance, gave me oxygen, started an IV and panicked saying – I don’t know what is happening or something like that. Even though I had stopped breathing and couldn’t move because the Haldol caused dystonia and laryngospasm, I could hear his voice on and off, although I know I blacked out briefly.

Eventually, my father came to the hospital – he was a professor of medicine at the U. of Chicago at the time and asked Girzadas what he was doing. Girzadas said I was delusional about being hurt by an officer. My dad told Girzadas I was hurt by an officer and to stop his malpractice. Then Girzadas let me go after I recovered from the fairly short episode of respiratory failure.

As a result of this malpractice and the officers tying me down while they injected me with drugs I knew could kill me, thinking I was being killed, and then blacking out and having great difficulty breathing – a very uncomfortable sensation which is called air hunger and where people think they are dying, I developed post-traumatic-stress disorder.

If I am restrained and cannot put my hands a foot in front of me or over my head to help breathing; if I am approached by loud, aggressive, uniformed officers; if anyone tries to focibly give me medication I go into a flashback with tremendous feelings of fear and anxiety. I lose touch with reality relive this event and cower. I may flail out in an uncoordinated fashion trying to  protect myself from officers who are trying to tie me down. This is a flashback and can last up toa 1/2 hour or so.

This PTSD has been repeatedly rekindled after the episodes of flashbacks and nightmares dimished by a number of episodes of attacks on me by officers and addition attacks due to malpractice of ER doctors who again repeatedly illegally injected me with drugs after ordering me placed in restraints so I woulnd’t resist:

On several other occasion, during unlawful arrests and wrongful incarcerations:

I was actually held down and kicked with boots – I have photos of the bruises (Correctional Officers Levy, Ruiz, and Connally);

handcuffed and shackled and held on the floor while a Chicago Police Officer pummeled me with his fists;

kicked by a detention aide at the 1st Dist Chicago Police lock-up to see if I was breathing after I passed out;

pummeled with the fists of 1st Dist Chicago Police detention aide Shell when she had released me then illegally rearrested me for taking my medication in the lock-up hallway just before trying to leave – I have photos – she then falsified her records and charged me with battery;

grabbed by my handcuffed hands in front of me which were pushed high in the air and then my body was slammed againt a row or hard seats with hard armrests by Correctional Officer Johnson in the ER waiting area at the jail causing me to be temporarily paralyzed from the waist down, stunned, and in shock for at least an hour – he pulled me onto my back on the cold floor and I just layed there – I have photos of the bruises – again which occurred on my spine in areas where I had surgery or had a herniated disc;

choked by the throat in my wheelchair, while he said “I’m going to make a case so you don’t get out” and then violently flipped out of the wheelchair while the wheelchair was ripped out from under me by Sgt. Anthony Salemi at CCDOC – who later committed perjury and said I attacked him – I was wrongfully convicted of aggravated battery for “ramming him with my wheelchair” and “kicking him in the chest with my partially paralyzed right let” and sentenced to two years in  prison – appeal is pending and proves he attacked me and I didn’t attack him;

grabbed by the arm by very muscular body builder Courtroom Services officer Robinson when I tried to get on the elevator after a court hearing on a civil case to go to the library and he told me he wanted me to leave the building – and I told him he had no authority to tell me to leave the building as I wasn’t causing any disturbance of any kind – I tried lightly to brush his hand off of my arm which was futile as he is so strong and powerful and I am so weak, while stating to stop assaulting me and to cease and desist interfering with my use of the building – so he arrested me and charged me with battery;

falsely charged with simple battery when Courtroom Services Officer Stanislavski stepped in front of my walker and pushed into it while I was representing myself before Judge Hyland at Bridgeview courthouse, after Ofc Norris grabbed my arm and inappropriately told me to shut up in an act of assault – then he said quietly so the court reporter and judge wouldn’t hear him: “if you are going to charge her with assault, I am going to charge you with battery” – the court transcript proves there was no battery;

after arrest for the above “battery” while in the lock-up at Bridgeview courthouse I had a choking  episode due to my asthma and couldn’t talk briefly; as it was subsiding the officers came in very aggressively and I went in a flashback, cowered in the corner, and tried to stay in touch with my environment unsuccessfully; all I could think to do is try to stay quiet and not provoke more attacks; the officers then called paramedics and told them I was nuts and the paramedics and officers violently picked me up and tied me down on a stretcher which induced more falshbacks, panic, fear, and terror; at Palos Hospital, instead of letting me sit up and calm down and seeing if I could talk to them, the ER staff committed malpractice and injected me repeatedly with an overdose of anti-psychotic and sedative drugs – which caused such suppressed respirations that the ER staff had to monitor my breathing for many hours and give me oxygen; the drugs also put me to sleep for hours on end; after nearly 24 hrs of this repeated medical battery and abuse and medical monitoring due to side effects of the drug overdose, I was so drugged I didn’t know what was happening and I was transferred to the jail, where they released me on bail, but I was so confused I called an ambulance which took me to Stroger Hospital; at Stroger I was so confused and waiting so long for many hours that I apparently walked out and wondered for many hours lost between the hospital and my attorneys office at 26th St near California; eventually I found my way to Albukerk’s office who recognized I was heavily drugged and confused and arranged for a taxi to take me home to sleep it off.

I am now again seeking counseling from Dr. Galatzer-Levy as I am suffering increasingly from the PTSD.

The above can only be described as repeated episodes of unlawful arrest, fabricated charges of battery, criminal conduct of officers with multiple incidents of harassment and assault and battery of a handicapped person, official misconduct, and interference with the exercise of my constitutional rights. The fact that law enforcement and judges are exacerbating these issues tells me that American Justice is a Myth and I will continually be abused by the justice system.

If anyone wants to help me fight this corruption and abuse contact me please at:

I could use contributions to my legal fund:

Shelton legal fund, C/O Albukerk & Associates, 111 East Wacker Drive, Suite 555, Chicago, IL  60601

I could also use attorneys willing to provide pro bono or contingency services to pursue my civil torts regarding these civil rights violations against me.

Why does Dr. Shelton use a Walker?

Dr. Shelton suffers from congenital and acquired spinal stenosis. This means the hole in the vertebrae in her spinal column is too small (stenosed) due to a congenital defect. As she aged, disc protrude into the spinal canal and osteophytes (bony bars and pieces) form in the spinal canal, which is normal. However, as the spinal canal is too small and does not have a lot of free space filled with spinal fluid, the spinal cord became more and more compressed until in 2000 Shelton had no feeling below the knees, was partially paralyzed on the right with abnormalities in sensory functions and was rapidly progressing towards quadraplegia (like Christopher Reeves).

Shelton underwent a C3 to C7 laminoplasy in July 2000. This is where the neurosurgeon breaks the spinal bones (vertebrae) in the neck open from the 3rd to the 7th bones, pries them open to enlarge the spinal canal, cuts off the back spine (spinal process) and fashions it into a strut, places the strut in the space to hold the bones wider, and this repairs the problem. This is also known as reconstruction of the spinal bones.

Shelton was left with damage to the spinal cord which produced life-long weakness of her hands, arms, and shoulders on both sides, loss of balance with a tendency to propel backwards (retropulsion) when unsteady, and weakness and sensory changes on the right side (partial hemiparesis).

Shelton also had a slipped disc protruding into the spinal canal in the lower back (L5-S1) which caused increased weakness and changes in reflexes in the right leg, requiring use of a leg brace (ankle-foot orthosis) due to foot drop, weak ankle, and generalized weakness.

Since 2007, Shelton has had increasing symptoms of pain in the arms, particularly on the right side and continually worsening problems with balance.

In January 2010, Shelton developed continuous excruciating burning and stabbing  pain in the right hand, arm, and shoulder, with numbness of several fingers and parts of hand and arm, as well as increasing clumbsiness of right hand. This was found to be due to increasing stenosis (narrowing) of the spinal canal in the area around C6 to C7 due to a collapsing C7 vertebrae, protruding disc that is now pressing on the spinal cord and pinching of the  main nerve root to the shoulder, arm, and hand on the right by the protruding disc and extopic bone (bone spurs and osteophytes).

This requires surgery to repair, including removing the disc, scraping out the ectopic bone, fusion the vertebrae at C6 to C7 with a plastic frame filled with cadaver bone, and placing a metal plate to support the weak and collapsing vertebrae. This will occur sometime in March through July 2010 – the sooner the better. On March 1, 2010 Dr. Slavin in formed Shelton that UIC was getting a new neurosurgeon skilled in complex neurosurgery of the surgical spine and suggested Shelton should wait to talk to him before surgery and consider that he might be the surgeon who should do the surgery. He also informed Shelton that he wasn’t sure that her condition was reversable and that there were significant risks in having the surgery to the point things may get worse and there is a strong possibility that the surgery may not help. If surgery is done Shelton will be incapacitated and heavily drugged from 1-8 weeks and unable to write during that time.

Without the surgery, writing is more difficult and slow but possible and pain meds and anticonvulsants used to treat neuropathic pain in combination with pain meds make thinking slower and difficulty with mild confusion as the levels of the drug wax and wane.

Why Won’t Doctor Shelton Cooperate and Answer Questions at a Fitness Exam?

QUESTION: A person asked: Why do you refuse to answer questions when ordered to undergo a fitness exam (BCX = behavioral clinical exam) by the court?

ANSWER: A BCX order legally requires that the judge state a “bona fide doubt” on the record as to why she feels the defendant may be unfit. Fitness requires three things: 1) you understand what the players (judge, jury, attorneys) do; 2) you understand the charges against you and possible sentence; and 3) you are able to cooperate with your attorney (answer his questions and relate details of the incident). Fitness is determined by a judge or jury, using evidence including the report from the psychiatrist as to whether the person is fit.

Fitness and mental illness are two different things. You can be mentally ill but fit for trial if you understand the above things and can cooperate with counsel. The fitness statute requires the judge to tell the defendant that any info given to the psychiatrist during the BCX exam may NOT be used at trial against the defendant, but may be used against the defendant if they are that they are using the defense of insanity. A bona fide doubt has to be specific and must be constitutional. Judge Daly said she is ordering a BCX because I wrote an article criticizing another judge. That is NOT a legal bona fide doubt.

The BCX order is an illegal penalty on the exercise of my constitutional rights under the 1st amendment for freedom of the press and free speech. A person may not be penalized for exercising these rights. It is a federal crime to penalize a person for exercising constitutional rights. Also in the trespass case Judge Daly has NO JURISDICTION and therefore no legal authority to hear the case or issue any orders because the police reports state I was given no notice before coming on the property. Therefore, under the law there is no probable cause. The only legal thing for judge Daly to do is dismiss the case.

She legally can make no other order as she has no jurisdiction or authority except to dismiss the case, because there is no probable cause. She admitted she read the police report, so she admitted she is fully informed that there is no probable cause.

The US Supreme Court previously ruled that a judge who continues a case without probable cause “wars on the constitution” in violating the 4th amendment right to be free from arrest and prosecution without probable cause. The US Supreme Court defined this as “treason”. Therefore, all Judge Daly’s orders are void and illegal.

I refuse to obey a void or illegal order by a judge who issued the order in an act of treason. The law says I have a right to refuse to answer questions at a BCX. I refuse to condone judge Daly’s misconduct by participating in an illegally ordered BCX.

I and then my attorney Albukerk has also informed Judge Daly that the issue of fitness is res judicata. Res judicata means it has been decided by another court. Right now the IL App Court has allowed me to proceed pro se on two cases; the federal district court is allowing me to proceed pro se on three cases, and the circuit court of cook county has allowed me to proceed pro se on over 20 cases, all of which have been dismissed (criminal) or which I won (civil). Judge Maki right now is holding hearings to enforce orders against the state in a case I won. Therefore ALL of these courts have de facto ruled that I am fit. Judge Daly legally cannot question the orders of another court. Therefore, the fitness questions is settled. I am fit and her order for a fitness exam or BCX is void and illegal due to res judicata.

The forensic psychiatrist wrote a letter that he cannot determine fitness because I refused to answer questions. Therefore, since she received his final report she must hold a fitness hearing. This is being postponed due to my surgery coming up. Then there will be a fitness hearing is another judge doesn’t dismiss and expunge the whole case on my petition for habeas corpus.

The law requires the prosecutor to have the burden of proof to prove I am fit so they can try me in this case. My defense attorney will also argue that I am fit. Therefore both sides will argue I am fit and the jury will have to decide only one way – that I am fit. There legally is no reason for a fitness hearing as there is no controversy. It has already been decided by other courts that I am fit. Both sides will argue that I am fit. So there is no reason for a fitness trial.

It is a waste of government time and money. Judge Daly should be charged with misconduct, treason, and removed from the bench.

For more information see:

Illinois Criminal Code Fitness Statute

Motion to Sanctions States Attorney and Evergreen Park Police for Fraud Upon the Court

Many ignorant people keep believing the …

Many ignorant people keep believing the garbage reported by the Chicago Tribune reporter and the allegations against me on numerous criminal complaints. The facts are that Shelton is innocent of all charges against her, Dr. Shelton and Vernon Glass were innocent of Medicaid vendor fraud and Dr. Shelton was attacked by Sgt. Anthony Salemi who falsified his records and stated she attacked him from her wheelchair.

Salemi committed perjury and Shelton was wrongfully convicted. She is waiting for the conviction to be overturned on appeal.

Shelton is devoted to exposing corruption, seeking justice, and helping put the corrupt behind bars. She wants Illinois and Cook County government to be transformed into small professional organizations that serve the people instead of their buddies and pockets.

See related links in “Blogroll” for evidence and details about the above.

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